Things I Do Since I Took Up With You

Following a pleasant exchange of Tweets last night, @kenarmstrong1 pointed me to some lyrics he had written. Not that accustomed to such collaborations, I printed out his lyrics and took up the challenge today. Fortunately the first idea I tried seemed to fit okay….I think. What do you reckon?

It was a pleasure to try out my new Samson USB microphone – worked a treat straight out of the box. The guitar I’m playing is my son’s 3/4 size classical.

Lyrics: Ken Armstrong, Music: Gerry Mulvenna

Patrick MULVENNA dies in 1913 Canadian train disaster

Glasgow Herald, Fri 17 June 1913One of the saddest stories I learnt about many years ago, when studying my family history, was the tragic death of my great-uncle Patrick MULVENNA. In 1913 he left the family farm in Gowkstown, Glenarm, Co. Antrim to emigrate to Canada. On Wednesday 25 June 1913 the train carrying Patrick and hundreds of other immigrants across Canada derailed near Ottawa. Two of the nine carriages plunged into the Ottawa River – unfortunately Patrick must have been on-board one of these coaches and didn’t survive the accident. Continue reading “Patrick MULVENNA dies in 1913 Canadian train disaster”

Ireland’s Grand Slam moment: how will it rate in your personal history?

O'Driscoll holds the 6 nations trophy aloftIreland is now basking in a new post-Grand Slam glow. The enjoyment of seeing our hopes for Grand Slam victory become reality on Saturday got me thinking about where the moment ranks in our personal histories.

In years to come will we readily be able to answer the question:

Where were you when that final penalty attempt fell short and the Grand Slam was ours?

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1911 Irish census records online

This morning I recalled that the National Archives in Dublin have made their census records for 1911 freely available online for counties Dublin, Kerry, Antrim and Down, so I thought I would seek out the returns made by my Co. Antrim ancestors. My entire paternal side all hail from Co. Antrim – but in terms of direct ancestors this translates into just two households as all my great-great-grandparents on that side are deceased by 1911. Continue reading “1911 Irish census records online”

How to list top 20 largest files in Unix hosted filespace

I’m often disappointed to discover that Unix commands don’t have the options I expect them to have. Of course that is what the pipe is for, so having spent the time digging around to find out how to construct the required syntax using a series of commands, I’m going to document it for myself here. Continue reading “How to list top 20 largest files in Unix hosted filespace”

Eoghan Quigg appears in family tree?

Chewin’ gum for the eyes.

as Fr. Dougal might have put it regarding the X Factor. We probably should extend that to chewin’ gum for the eyes, ears and nerve ends.

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Why do I bother playing golf?

Quality approach shots at 10th hole, East Clare
Paul (19 hcap) and Tony (20 hcap) admire the three birdie opportunities on the 10th hole at East Clare

Golf is a game I enjoyed playing from a pretty early age. I actually got reasonably good at it through my teens (12 handicap). In recent years I have returned to the game only to find I’m now pretty crap at it (20 handicap). Continue reading “Why do I bother playing golf?”