My Primary 6 Big Book

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Alien to Human!

by Maria Mulvenna


On that uncomfortably stufyy night a strange sensation warmed to an unexpecting neighbourhood. The moon hung to the sky independantly as it threwits glistening light down at the earth. The stars brightly shone with dignity unaware of how beautiful they really were. On the kirb of a miserable street stood, alone, a dull lampost mildly producing  a small amount of light. An avergae house caught the attention of most people in that neighbourhood because of its beautifully colourful garde. The flowers were almost as bright as the stars. A cocktail of colours filled the garden of that house.

In the neighbourhood the sound of the sound of people complaining filled the air because of that extremely humid night. The complaing got annoyingly continuous. The cars that drove through the town’s engines got suprisingly loud. Anyone could smell the smell of old bonfires burnt outby time. The foul reek of smoke ran quickly through the street. which rose more complaints. Though the smell of fresh grass was almost stronger than that horrid reek.

The extreme humidity latched onto the town like a bad disease . The completely sweaty night seemed to drag on for this one street. A thin shadow of innocence pathetically covered the neighbourhood. Maybe someone, somewhere would figure out what would be found out in that neighbourhood, and there was no turning back. Atleast an innocent ten-year-old girl suspects more than a normal night. She thinks she knows what is going to happen and she mightregret she ever did.

She knows they’re watching,waiting in disguise…

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