2023-04-29 – cava on the beach

the beach near Bon Repòs campsite in Santa Susanna

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It’s Saturday and we are looking forward to yet another celebration over the weekend. On 1 May it will be two years since we first met each other. The weather forecasts are predicting a storm coming on Sunday and Monday so we are a bit circumspect on making too many weather-dependent plans. We had fancied a nice meal and a beach day on Monday, but we decide to defer that till Tuesday and return to the rooftop terrace / restaurant for a special meal on Sunday. For today we are mostly chilling out.

I head over to Carrefour to get a few essentials and I manage to buy a couple of summery t-shirts too. Al is combining laundry with some sunbathing at the hotel pool. Once the shopping and the laundry are done we both rendezvous at the swimming pool and go for our first swim. The water is not heated, but once we are in, it is quite pleasant. The sun is fighting a battle with the clouds now, so we don’t last too long on the sun loungers.

We conjure a plan for the evening to buy a bottle of cava and take it and two glasses down to the local beach and toast our anniversary weekend there next to the waves. We find a lovely spot near the Bon Repòs campsite and some rocks and the waves are beautiful as they roll in on the sand. The beach is busy and it is fun watching everyone enjoying the sand and sea in their own way.

We had hoped to pick up some pizzas at the campsite, but their pizza ovens didn’t seem to be fired up tonight, so we return to King’s Grand Cafe, where I had enjoyed a heavily loaded pizza once before. I order the same pizza and Alison gets the Four Seasons and we enjoy a beer before heading home.

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