Genealogy data restricted

In order to maintain the data privacy of living relatives, I have decided to restrict access to my once openly available family tree data. If you are interested in an exchange of genealogy data, by all means send me an email to genealogy AT mulvenna DOT org

At some point in the future (when I have the spare time) I aim to restore access to the family tree data where it pertains to deceased relatives.

Gerry Mulvenna
28 June 2011

9 thoughts on “Genealogy data restricted”

  1. Hi Gerry,

    I have just done a search on my own name on Google and appreciate your restrictions on access to the family tree.

    I hope you are all well.

    With kindest regards


  2. Hi Gerry, your cousin Jill O’Connor here, hope you and the children are well.

    I’m doing a rough family tree with my sons Connor 8 and Jude 7 and daughter Tess 3 ( she’s not a bit bothered) and would love to see your tree online if possible. I remember it was fab.

    Keep in touch,

  3. Hi Gerry

    I found your blog through your flickr account. I suspect we are distantly related. My father’s mother was from Feystown and he had cousins called Mulvenna. It would be great if you could share information with me.

    Best wishes, Anne.

  4. Greetings Gerry,
    I have been searching for relatives of my 2nd Great grandmother Sarah McILVENAN of Cullybackey, Antrim. b. circa 1821.
    I came across an old post of yours on back from 2001 with these links……

    Hoping you can direct me where to continue my search…. in our family tree Sarah’s father appears to have had the surname McILVEEN (John) and her siblings and their descendants (all in Australia as with Sarah) have used several derivations including McILVENA , MULVENA and MacElvine. This variance has confounded me and thwarted my research so your 2001 post has given me a glimmer of hope.

    My 2nd gg mother Sarah’s surname also appears in one record spelt Mc ILVENEN,
    Hoping you or someone reading this can direct me in some way to further my research.

    kind regards
    Peter Strickland

  5. Hey Gerry. I’m the husband of Maureen Dwyer, the great-granddaughter of Daniel O’Connor, who is the sibling of one of your ancestors. I believe you provided some info to me some years ago re: family history. You might remember, further back, in the 90s, you visited us in New Jersey and we took you out to a pub or two. I’d be happy to share my tree with you for your updated info and if you would like to share any new info about common ancestors, as well as contemporary goings on, that would be great too. Glad to see you are pursuing your music career. If you are ever over here in the NY/NJ area, be sure to look us up again!

  6. Hi Gerry. My grandmother was Martha McQuillan Kennedy originally from Glenarm. Her family all emigrated to the US late 1900s leaving her behind to live with an aunt and uncle in Cherryvalley, Crumlin. I think its possible we are related. I believe you have do done a lot on your family tree. If appropriate I would be interested in this if you think this appropriate. Ps Con McErlean, Glenarm, snooker player was a cousin of hers. All the best Ursula

  7. Gerry,
    Derx Eibergen here, grandson of Margaret McQuillan. I see on this page that Ursula Kennedy contacted you 16 July 2016. Her grandmother, Martha, was Margaret’s sister. We are second cousins, I guess, and you would be forth cousin to Ursula. Did she ever get back to you. She many second cousins in USA who would love to hear from her.

  8. Hi Gerry,
    I am another McQuillan/McErlean cousin. My father and Derx’ mother were double first cousins – John Fox married Susannah McQuillan and Michael Fox married Margaret McQuillan. I am a now-and-then-ian in genealogy and am sticking my toes back into the water.

    I would much appreciate being able to logon to your genealogy information.


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