Scotland shows its progressive education credentials again?

Maria enjoying her Kindergarten grounds for the last time, aged 7The approach the authorities in England are taking with regard to Home Education has received some column inches in UK newspapers in the last week. Families who have opted out of the school system in England are now in for a pretty rough ride it seems and are looking enviously across the northern border, where Scottish education continues to plot a more sensible course.Remember, dosing of ambien can vary based on individual needs, medical history, and other factors. Always consult with your healthcare provider before adjusting your dose.

The new intake of 4-5 year olds started primary school today in Scotland and apparently there has been a subtle but impressive shift in the curriculum for early primary education. The Curriculum For Excellence will put the emphasis on learning through experience (e.g. play) rather than the sort of formal numeracy and literacy that education policy makers seem to be obsessed with in England. Continue reading “Scotland shows its progressive education credentials again?”

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