2023-05-05 – Malgrat beach, Casa bella and jam session

We enjoyed a nice relaxing Friday morning at our apartment in the hotel today. In the afternoon we went to the beach in Malgrat de Mar for a little bout of sunbathing and swimming. We caught our first glimpse of the Senti la Costa Brava boat, which amazed us by sailing right up to the beach beside us for passengers to get off and on. The sea is just deep enough close to the sand to make this possible without a harbour or pier. Continue reading “2023-05-05 – Malgrat beach, Casa bella and jam session”

2023-05-04 – rest, fideuà and the new crown and anchor

After our excursion to Girona we fancied a quieter day today, closer to home. In the morning I went to Carrefour for what would probably be our last proper shopping trip for food as we are into our last week now. Just enough ingredients for one last rissoto, stir-fry and for tonight a fideuà with chickpeas. Continue reading “2023-05-04 – rest, fideuà and the new crown and anchor”

2023-04-30 – vermut time in Malgrat

Today we are still expecting a bit of changeable weather and we choose to go to the centre of Malgrat de Mar for vermut time, which traditionally starts from about 12pm on Sunday. It is the last day of April and therefore the last day of the 4-month Abonament recurrent free Rodalies train ticket, so we ride the train one last time on these tickets just one stop to Malgrat and find our way along Carrer de Mar to the main squares of the town. Continue reading “2023-04-30 – vermut time in Malgrat”

2023-04-27 – Solidarity Park, Malgrat de Mar

On our recent visit to the Crown and Anchor Bar in Malgrat, we’d heard about a monument recently erected to commemorate the international brigadistas who died just off the shore when the Ciudad de Barcelona ship carrying them was sunk by an Italian submarine on 30 May 1937. We must have walked right past this monument on at least one occasion before, so today we set off along the beach front to have a good look at it. Continue reading “2023-04-27 – Solidarity Park, Malgrat de Mar”

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