2023-05-07 – vermut time in El Masnou and wine tour in Alta Alella

It’s our last Sunday of our trip, so the big question on our minds is where to spend our last VERMUT TIME! Yesterday’s transport difficulties with getting to our wine tour means that today we need a better plan for acquiring a taxi in the vicinity of Alella, so what we’ve come up with is to celebrate our last vermut time in Port Masnou and ask the establishment we are drinking in to order us the taxi. Continue reading “2023-05-07 – vermut time in El Masnou and wine tour in Alta Alella”

2023-04-30 – vermut time in Malgrat

Today we are still expecting a bit of changeable weather and we choose to go to the centre of Malgrat de Mar for vermut time, which traditionally starts from about 12pm on Sunday. It is the last day of April and therefore the last day of the 4-month Abonament recurrent free Rodalies train ticket, so we ride the train one last time on these tickets just one stop to Malgrat and find our way along Carrer de Mar to the main squares of the town. Continue reading “2023-04-30 – vermut time in Malgrat”

2023-04-16 – Vermut time in Pineda de Mar

One conclusion of our Friday exploration of neighbouring town Pineda de Mar was that here we would find a great location to continue our Sunday vermut time tradition. There are plenty of cafes with seating in the big square of Plaça de les Mèlies and the smaller square, Plaça de Catalunya, home to the Ajuntament, Can Comas and one bar: Bar Barcelona. This bar was our first choice for a vermut time venue, but unfortunately although it seemed open we found it devoid of customers and therefore rather lacking in atmosphere. Every other cafe terrace in the bigger square was buzzing and there was a political rally ongoing at the furthest end of the square, along the dog-leg as it were. Continue reading “2023-04-16 – Vermut time in Pineda de Mar”

2023-04-02 – Sunday pub crawl in Arenys de Mar

It’s Palm Sunday today and families gather in the church square in Arenys de Mar with rams for the children. These are tall bouquets of palm fronds, decorated with all sorts of things like sweets and toys. There is a blessing of these rams outside the church. To be honest, we missed all the action and found the crowd in the aftermath of the religious ceremony on our way to find some Vermut time. With so many people now filtering out of the square there is significant competition now for tables at nearby bars for Vermut, but we manage to get the last one at El Celler del Rial. This is the first time we have found it open and they have a special offer for Vermut time of a little vermut, olives and crisps for €3.50. Continue reading “2023-04-02 – Sunday pub crawl in Arenys de Mar”

2023-03-19 – Sunday stroll to Canet de Mar

Another gorgeous day here and we hatched a simple plan to visit the neighbouring town of Canet de Mar on foot along the beaches between here and there. This took us to parts of Arenys de Mar we had not yet seen. Bars and restaurants beyond the marina and an expansive stretch of beach flanked a fair distance from the water by a pleasant walkway that leads all the way to Canet de Mar. Continue reading “2023-03-19 – Sunday stroll to Canet de Mar”

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