2023-04-09 – last Vermut time in Arenys de Mar

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Easter Sunday and we had mona de pasqua for breakfast. Three layers of sponge with some custardy cream between each, with a sprinkling of nuts on top, decorated with a small yellow bespectacled bird and some blue and yellow feathers.

We headed down to Vermutast hoping an outside table would be free for vermut as we’ve not been able to sample the vermut time at this bar yet. We were in luck – the sun was shining and we could take our choice from a couple of free tables to eat our crisps and drink our vermuts.

Afterwards we went for a stroll towards the dock, hoping once more to find the elusive Margaret Alison. This time we think we found her, in the water, painted white with red stripes. We could not get close nor was there any saltire or information boards.

With my family zoom looming at 5pm our time, we went for one more vermut at El Portinyol, another establishment we haven’t until now been able to experience. The afternoon’s dining was just coming to an end and amid the clearing up we had a quick drink on the terrace in view of Platja de cavaió and the sea.

saying goodbye to Arenys with cava
saying goodbye to Arenys with cava

In the evening we enjoyed our bottle of Gramona cava and a home-made mushroom risotto to mark the approaching end of our time in Arenys.

making the risotto
making the risotto

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