2023-04-16 – Vermut time in Pineda de Mar

finished drinks at xiringuito on Calella beach

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

One conclusion of our Friday exploration of neighbouring town Pineda de Mar was that here we would find a great location to continue our Sunday vermut time tradition. There are plenty of cafes with seating in the big square of Plaça de les Mèlies and the smaller square, Plaça de Catalunya, home to the Ajuntament, Can Comas and one bar: Bar Barcelona. This bar was our first choice for a vermut time venue, but unfortunately although it seemed open we found it devoid of customers and therefore rather lacking in atmosphere. Every other cafe terrace in the bigger square was buzzing and there was a political rally ongoing at the furthest end of the square, along the dog-leg as it were.

Our vermut time coincided with my family zoom, so to minimise background noise we ended up taking a table at the same place we had eaten on Friday: Nucky’s Sant Jordi. We ordered two vermuts and two portions of pa amb tòmaquet and some xips. This last item got lost in translation and we ended up with a bowl of chips rather than the crisps I had intended. That was no problem as the chips were very tasty. More of a problem was the size of the pa amb tòmaquet portion, enough to feed an army in one portion, let alone two and this restaurant also gave free finger food to anyone ordering vermuts at VERMUT TIME. The waiter delivered some of this food to a neighbouring table by mistake and once the confusion had been rectified I reckoned, we had so much food, it might be nice to offer some to the neighbouring table, where two German women were sitting. They were happy to try some bread and to relieve us of some nibbles.

The square has a pharmacy that is open on Sundays, so we were able to get a few things there including an eye bath to help me look after the sting on my eyelid. Then we headed to the beach for a ramble. We walked in a southerly direction and before long we were halfway to Calella, dipping our toes in the ocean along the way. Before catching the train home, we stopped off for a drink (remnants of which pictured above) at a xiringuito.

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