2023-03-21 – rest and Pebre Negre

Samerola red wine

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

Our jaunts into Barcelona seem to knock the stuffing out of us. Right enough, yesterday’s city tour on an open topped bus saw us exposed to the sun for 4 hours and that was probably the biggest factor in the rest and recovery needed today. Rest and recovery are two of our motives for this trip anyhow, so we take great pleasure in days like today, when we have the luxury to indulge in pretty much doing nothing.

In the evening we gave ourselves and incentive to venture out to sample the tapes of the Pebre Negre up the hill from us on the main street here in Arenys de Mar. We had walked past the menu countless times and it boasted far more vegan-friendly options than any other place in the town. It did not disappoint, particularly the spicy house sauce. Al had chicken and patates braves and I had vegan nuggest and vegan meatballs in a bun with a tomato and basil sauce. We had a copa vi negre each, a mere €2.50 a glass from the wine pictured above.

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