2023-03-25 – Volta Catalunya and Montserrat

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

After a great night at the Xauxa local, I woke up feeling rather fragile. Although this felt like a hangover, we hadn’t really been drinking all that much the night before and was a bit worried I’d caught the tummy bug that was going round at Pep’s house.

We ventured out for a walk nevertheless to see if I would start to feel better. As luck would have it, I had seen that the cycle race, Volta de Catalunya was passing through town about 1.30pm. This was Stage 6 of the race. Stage 2 had begun in Mataró finishing in Camprodon, with stage 3 starting in Olost. I was amazed at how far the cyclists travel each day and that they race was touching all these places with connections for me.

A moderately-sized and good-natured crowd had gathered at the road on the outskirts of Igualada through which the cyclists would pass, ready to greet them as they flew through. I failed miserably at capturing them on video but Al got a great video.

After that brief excitement, we had a bit of a picnic and a lie-down in a nearby park, at which point I could tell I wasn’t going to be much use to anyone for the rest of the day. Our hosts had planned a trip to Montserrat at around 4pm, but I had to bow out unfortunately and lie down and hope whatever was ailing me would pass. Al went with Pep and Violant and had a great time at Montserrat. For my part, I was in the best place and whatever was ailing me had thankfully receded without any drama by the time we got up the next day.

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