2023-04-01 – Canet Saturday and a bang on the nose

IPA and Guiness at l'hostalet de Canet

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I recalled that the first Saturday of the month was a special market day in Canet de Mar and we’d been there 4 weeks before and met Marta and her pro-indy activist pals, so we decided to jump on the train to Canet today and maybe see Marta and Jordi, now that Jordi had arrived from Scotland. The market was very much as we had experienced the last time, with plenty of hippy crafts, vegan cheese among the other things.

No sign of Marta at the pro-indy stalls, so after a ramble, we settled down for a beer at our favourite L’hostalet de Canet and sent them a wee message to invite them down to join us if they were around. We’d enjoyed the food so much here before, that once we felt peckish we decided to order a small bite to eat and at that point we were joined by Marta and Jordi, who were planning to spent a bit of time at the stalls. Today we were drinking some cerveses artesanes and a bottle Guiness or two.

In due course we headed home to Arenys on foot. It was a sunny but blustery day and the walk is just about 30mins or so. At the harbour in Arenys we went looking for the Margaret Alison boat, an old Scottish “ringer” boat built near Edinburgh in 1937 that was abandoned in Mallorca and then brought to Arenys de Mar to be reconstructed as a social enterprise project. Jordi had told us it would be flying the saltire and had an information board. However our search for the saltire and the boat drew a blank and we had to admit defeat on that mission.

I cooked some food at home and we settled down to watch some telly just as the heavens opened. This was the first major downpour we had experienced since we got here. There was once rainy morning in the early hours of one day, but apart from that this was the biggest rainfall we’d seen. It was big enough to come through the glazed roof of the flat. A minor leak that could be taken care of with a towel on the floor. The rain on the roof made quite the rat-a-tat-tat – as we took our seats in the TV room I got up to switch off the lights in the kitchen and walked straight into the glass door between the two rooms, which we would not normally use at all. It had been closed on this occasion to muffle the noise of the drippy leak. It took the full force of the collision of my nose and nearly took the door off its hinges. I was quite lucky I escape with only a minor cut and some bruising I think.

a bang on the nose
A bang on the nose

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