2023-04-03 – quiet Monday, an evening walk and burgers for tea

one of the protest notices in the premises below us in Arenys de Mar

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

After pushing the boat out so far metaphorically yesterday with our Sunday afternoon pub crawl, we needed a bit of recovery time today, so we took it easy at home. Apart from a quick shopping expedition to Bonpreu in the morning, we only ventured out again in the evening for a walk up to the cementery, returning via the main street, so Al could pick up something to put in a burger bun for tea.

The picture above shows one of the protest notices placed in the vacant premises below us in Arenys de Mar. The occupier seems to have a grievance with the mayor of the town, possibly over an application to turn use this location as a local restaurant.

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