2023-04-05 – Caldes, Sant Vicenç and Sant Andreu

the xiringuito sign for Oh!nades / Onades

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Although we have enjoyed a couple of visits to the neighbouring town of Caldes d’Estrac, the southbound stretch of beach across the railway tracks remained unexplored, so that was our mission for today.

When we got there we could see immediately that the beaches here were possibly the most attractive we’ve seen yet and they are populated at regular intervals with xiringuitos, alive and open for business! From Caldes, we can walked all the way through Sant Vicenç, past el Port Balís and on to Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, before turning back to find a xiringuito for lunch, closer to home.

making pa amb tòmaquet on the beach at the OH!nades xiringuito
making pa amb tòmaquet on the beach at the OH!nades xiringuito

We chose one called Oh!nades, a word play on onades, the catalan word for waves. I was quite taken with the name, having used the word in my song Wave of friendship / l’onada d’amistat. They had seats and tables beyond their terrace platform actually in the sand and it was a wee bit of heaven to be eating lunch with a nice glass (or two) of wine with your feet in the sand.

One more xiringuito before home time – one called Platja LOVE had sofas in the sand. Another bit of heaven with another glass of wine in hand. What a fabulous stretch of coastline between these three towns.

the beach at Sant Vicenç
the beach at Sant Vicenç

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