2023-04-11 – lazy last day in Arenys de Mar

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

The end of our six weeks in Arenys de Mar is fast approaching and we’re both naturally happy we are able to extend our stay for another four weeks up the coast in Santa Susanna. The sunny aspect of our flat in Arenys is a primary factor in our enjoyment here, so it’s no surprise that we take a relaxing time enjoying our last full day here. As late afternoon arrives we decide to check out whether the local Xiringuitos are open for business for maybe a last drink on platja de la picòrdia, the beach directly in front of the main Riera in Arenys.

Unfortunately there is nothing open on the beach, either because it’s a weekday or because we’re in that in-between time for dining. It’s the same story as we cross over the main road / railway track to see if we can eat at the Nona restaurant. It is closed until 8pm. It’s currently almost 7pm, so as a holding strategy we order something small at the Frankfurt place at the bottom of the Riera. It’s one of the places here we have just walked past for weeks. I have a veggie frankurter and Al ends up with a massive plate of cubed chips loaded with pulled pork. We’re both quite happy, but we’re quickly reappraising this “holding” strategy. I don’t think Nona will be seeing us this evening. We take possibly one last stroll up and down the Riera and grab a pizza from the kebab shop and some chocolate from our local convenience store, the V & B. Simple but effective last supper in Arenys.

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