2023-04-13 – return to Bon Repòs

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

We set out to explore the beaches of our new home from home (Santa Susanna). We’d been here once before and it was the beach vibe that encouraged out to settle here for a few more weeks. Particularly the Bon Repòs campsite cafe on the beachfront.

Although we had brought our swimming gear, the breeze was just too fresh to comfortably settle on any of the three beaches along the Santa Susanna coast. We sat down at the Bon Repòs cafe with a drink and maybe a snack in mind – it was about 12 noon. The menú del dia caught our eye – there was a great selection of first and second plates and the price was the best we’ve seen in these parts: €12.90 a head, so we treated ourselves and adjusted any plans we had for cooking a big meal at home in the evening.

After the feed (the second plates in particular were very generous) we went for a lie down at the hotel pool for the first time. I didn’t last too long in the breeze and decided to go on another exploration of supermarkets across the fields. The LIDL was yet to be investigated, but when I got there I didn’t find anything we needed and had to extract myself. I remembered that the large Carrefour had the coffee that Al likes, so I decided it would be a better option to buy a few things there. On the way home I stopped by the wine-cellar place next door and grabbed a couple of bottles of Catalan wine.

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