2023-04-24 – sunbathing in Sant Pol

walking back to Sant Pol along the rail tracks

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

Today we returned once again to Sant Pol de Mar, only three stops down the R1 train line with loads of interesting coves on the beaches. We sought out the cove we had discovered on our first visit in March. Back then the temperatures didn’t encourage sunbathing or swimming but it really is a different story now.

We arrived just after noon and found our target cove and its neighbour unoccupied so we had the choice of the best spots. We setup our new beach blanket and jumped into the water. The waves were not too rough today, but this spot was very rocky, so not ideal for swimming or paddling but great for spotting the little fish among the rocks or just sitting on the rocks and letting the waves wash over you.

Throughout the afternoon we were joined in our cove by a series of other sunbathers, but they all seemed to spend just half an hour or so on the beach. We had bought picnic material in Sant Pol and were here for the long haul, eventually heading back down the railway tracks close to 5pm.

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