Further Obstacles and Progress

Last Updated on 19 September 2013 by eoghan

Initially i had just used variables for my character information but i decided ti would actually be a lot better if i used records so i created a character information record but after i had changed all the names within the program things like selecting the weapon no longer worked. after some time though i manged to change about the way in which the weapons were selected so that it now worked again and while i was at it deiced to add further code that would display an image of the weapon you have chosen, also the change to a record data format seemed to make the gender validation stop working but not the race validation which worked in virtually the same way and this problem is still as of yet unsolved. also recently i decided to add an inventory array and a poison item to be added to this inventory with more items that could be added later and this lead to me crating a system for which to apply this poison to your weapon which involved a button that could be pressed that appears when you gain the poison and the click of that button changes a Boolean variable to true and changes the image of your weapon to look as though it has poison on it and this will be important at the end of the game.

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