Things I Do Since I Took Up With You

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

Following a pleasant exchange of Tweets last night, @kenarmstrong1 pointed me to some lyrics he had written. Not that accustomed to such collaborations, I printed out his lyrics and took up the challenge today. Fortunately the first idea I tried seemed to fit okay….I think. What do you reckon?

It was a pleasure to try out my new Samson USB microphone – worked a treat straight out of the box. The guitar I’m playing is my son’s 3/4 size classical.

Lyrics: Ken Armstrong, Music: Gerry Mulvenna

6 thoughts on “Things I Do Since I Took Up With You”

  1. Thanks *so* much for doing this. I’ve never had a lyric ‘tuned up’ before and I am hugely chuffed.

    I love the creative/collaborative process so if you see any tweaks in the lyric which would bring the piece along further, please feel free to mention them – we can do it here. 🙂

    As I was saying, ‘loo’ bugs me a bit – even ‘poo’ might work better. But that’s ‘me’ not ‘you’. ‘Read poetry when I poo’? Perhaps?

    Should it be just called ‘Took up with you?’ your refrain brings that possibility to the fore nicely.

    I propose we share all the profits on this songwriting endeavour 50/50, would that be fair?

    Now, off to tell my wife, who I wrote it for… all cause I now look left and right before crossing the street. Thanks again.

  2. No probs, Ken – I’m glad you’re chuffed. I was pleasantly surprised that the chord sequence I tried first seemed to work. I’d struggle with tweaking the lyrics as it’s your “emotional space”. It’s a while since I “took up” with anyone. And as for trimming fat off my meat…. 😉

  3. Trish, my wife, is terribly chuffed altogether… 🙂

    Would it work a little more up-tempo. I sensed it was a ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed’ type of a vibe… but I like yours.

  4. I can certainly experiment with livening it up a notch. I was aware it might come across a bit limp for a love song.

  5. No pressure Gerry. You’ve done more than enough already. but if you see merit in ‘interrogating the material further’ lyric especially, then that is something I would enjoy.

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