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Last Updated on 14 April 2010 by gerry

Following my experiment with sampling the public Twitter timeline this morning, I ran another sample, this time for much longer and at a time of day, when many American users would be active to get a slightly more accurate breakdown of the top twenty Twitter clients.

In comparison to the earlier results, there has been a bit of jostling in the mid-to-bottom table positions, but the top three positions remain the same. The percentage of tweets posted “via web” is greater at 37%.

1 web 37.3%
2 UberTwitter 9.5%
3 TweetDeck 7.4%
4 Echofon 4.1%
5 API 4.0%
6 twitterfeed 3.4%
7 Twitter for BlackBerry® 1.9%
8 movatwitter 1.8%
9 txt 1.7%
10 Tween 1.6%
11 HootSuite 1.6%
12 TwitBird iPhone 1.5%
13 Tweetie 1.4%
14 mobile web 1.2%
15 Keitai Web 1.2%
16 Twitterrific 1.2%
17 mobile web 1.0%
18 twidroid 1.0%
19 Snaptu 0.9%
20 Seesmic 0.8%

Based on a sample of 119357 tweets acquired on 14 April 2010 just before 16:30 UK time using the statuses/sample Twitter API method and the Phirehose PHP class.

Update: I’ve just discovered that a daily breakdown of twitter clients is presented by @twitstat. Notably their “via web” percentage is much reduced compared to what I measured and UberTwitter ranks in a much more lowly position. Their method is different (better?) in that they only sample unique user/client combinations – I might try that another day to see if my results really are skewed so significantly.

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