2023-03-08 – first day in Barcelona

Barcelona from MNAC on Montjuïc

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Our first trip into the big smoke of Barcelona coincided with the arrival of my sister and her husband there for a couple of days. They have a daughter living there and it was great to catch up with her and her pals in the evening, where we had a few drinks at the Garage Bar and then something to eat at Hummus Barcelona.

Trying a porró in Barcelona bar
Trying a porró in the Garage bar in Barcelona

Sight-seeing during the day with my sister and brother-in-law involved a leisurely climb up to Montjuïc, taking in the olympic stadium, the Laribal garden and the national museum of art. On the way up and the later on our return from Montjuïc we saw impressive turnouts at a couple of different demonstrations for international women’s day. The museum was offering women free entry on this day also, which was a pleasant discovery. We spent a hour in the museum mostly looking at an exhibition about art during the civil war.

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