2023-03-10 – Caldes d’Estrac

Two person selfie above Caldes d'Estrac

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

Caldes d’Estrac is the neighbouring town to the south of Arenys de Mar and home to a couple of spa facilities. In advance of Al’s imminent birthday, we decided to check them out as a possible venue for some water-based relaxation on Sunday morning.

What we found was the prettiest Maresme town we have encountered so far. The forecast sunny weather had arrived in earnest, which made this little town carved into a coastal hillside all the more picturesque. Narrow streets with hairpin bends take you round the town and there is a daunting set of steps for any fit young pedestrians to make speedier progress to the high ground. We took the steps and were rewarded with a beautiful view.

Selfie over Caldes d'Estrac
Selfie over Caldes d’Estrac

We managed to find the two bathing facilities. One is quite a small indoor spa right in the middle of the village and the other is a hotel on the outskirts, which at first looked a bit foreboding. We pressed on and they were happy to offer access to the swimming pool to non-residents and made extra dispensation for our birthday plans on Sunday as normally the pool is only open Mon-Sat.

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