2023-03-27 – Mercadona shopping

view over Arenys de Mar from near the Cementiri de Sinera

Last Updated on 17 April 2023 by gerry

It’s always a nice thing to be back “in your own bed”. We’ve become very fond our flat in Arenys de Mar. The bed is so comfy and the way the light floods the place in the morning (once you pull the curtains) is so uplifting.

I took a notion on this fine Monday morning of sussing out the big Mercadona supermarket to the south of the town. Al had mentioned that the walk up the hill to the Cementiri de Synera might be a considerable shortcut to Mercadona and so it proved. From the cementery you just fall down the steep road and you’re in Mercadona in just about 15mins walking from the flat. Much better than going down to the beachfront and walking along that way.

Mercadona was a big disappointment though. I had liked the Mercadona supermarket in Can Picafort, Mallorca in August, but this seemed a bit lacking in some of the essential items. I did find PG Tips teabags at a great price, though, so it was not all bad. It was probably just as well that I didn’t buy too much as that steep road up to the cementery was ordeal enough with a light load.

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