2023-03-28 – Sant Pol de Mar

looking back to Sant Pol de Mar from the walkway towards Calella

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A sunny Tuesday and it was time for another excursion a few stops of the railway track. Our destination today was the small and apparently quite exclusive resort of Sant Pol de Mar, with a reputation for particularly lovely beaches.

As we disembarked from our Renfe carriage, we found a very quaint small town with steep narrow streets. We climbed as high as we could go to see the little ancient chapel la ermita de Sant Pau. Returning down to sea level we discovered that there are very few eateries open on a Tuesday here. We had some tapes at the one place that was open, Nou 49. It is a tapes bar right outside the train station and diners here need their wits about them to fend off the pigeons.

Having eaten it was time to explore the beaches. We’d heard there might be pretty coves about 20mins walk from the train station, so we headed north to see what we could find without too much clambering over rocky headlands. Truth be told, we needed a fair bit of clambering to find a nice secluded spot, but it was absolutely gorgeous in the late afternoon sunshine. A very sheltered spot for us to lie in the sand for almost an hour.

The train track is still very close to the beach and we reckoned we were only about a 30min walk from Calella, so we decided to head along the tracks to see what other beaches lay between us and the tourist resort. It is not really possible to complete the walk along the beach. Rocky headlands interrupt the accessible sand too often, so we ended up high above the road (from where the picture above was taken).

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