2023-04-15 – a simple Santa Susanna day

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

I think some wee beastie has bitten me on the eyelid. There is a bit of swelling and it’s quite itchy and uncomfortable. I’m happy enough to catch up on some computer stuff while Al has some sunbathing time by the pool. In the late afternoon we grab a light snack at La Pèrgola cafe attached to one of the three Aqua hotels here. Its menu is great value, for instance I had a tasty omelette sandwich for €3.50 and a glass of local red wine for just €2.50.

The heat of the sun is getting stronger in the early evening as we take a stroll along the beach to see what the story is with the Santa Susanna xiringuitos. There are a few of them dotted along the promenade and there are plenty of people out enjoying this late burst of sunshine. They are mostly Spanish from what I can hear. We settle at a terrace in the sand attached to the H-Top hotel. The xiringuitos have stopped serving tables, so I need to go inside to the hotel bar to order a couple of copes de cava.

We need a nap after all that excitement. It’s about 10pm when we emerge to get a feed somewhere close for our evening meal. We’re not in the mood for much walking at this stage and the King’s Grand Cafe fits the bill. I like its extensive drinks menu, which includes many Belgian beers and it has Paulaner weissbier on draft. The food menu isn’t quite as extensive, but does well on the veggie-friendly front. When my pizza and Al’s veggie lasagne arrive they are huge (see picture above).

With an eye towards a nightcap further down the strip, we check out the bars closer to Malgrat. The streets at this time (approaching midnight) are a bit lacking in life, so we make do with a tub of ice cream and call it a day.

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