2023-04-18 – Tuesday market in Santa Susanna

a mug of tea to my liking in Camping Bon Repòs, Santa Susanna

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Most of the towns here have a weekly market and the market day varies from town to town. The traders come to Santa Susanna every Tuesday morning and they set up their stalls in the main street along the Zona Hotelera. We were expecting the same variety of produce we saw in Pineda de Mar last Friday, but we were disappointed, mainly because the fresh food stalls were absent and we were hoping to get our fruit and veg for the week today.

a short section of the Santa Susanna market viewed from the 4th floor of our hotel
a short section of the Santa Susanna market viewed from the 4th floor of our hotel

The weather was quite overcast with a threat of rain, so we wandered down the street beyond the market considering where to get a bit of brunch. We gravitated towards the Bon Repòs campsite cafe as it has a nice exterior with one part well covered from any potential rain. I decided to order té negre, a cup of black tea, to see if I could fare any better here than my previous attempts at a few coffee shops. I was delighted with the outcome (pictured above) – tea in a mug with a jug of milk (albeit hot milk). We ordered some sandwiches for brunch, omelette baguette for me and a bacon baguette for Al.

Then the heavens opened and we experienced our first daytime downpour outside. Luckily we were under cover here and there was nothing for it butto  order a wee beer and let the showers pass. The day’s weather didn’t improve so we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the apartment.

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