2023-04-17 – Monday shopping and Malgrat morning

the view over Malgrat from the castell tower

Last Updated on 29 April 2024 by gerry

True to my Monday habits I set off early to get some provisions for the days ahead from what is now my favoured supermarket in this Santa Susanna area: Carrefour. I found a nice seeded baguette and ciabatta rolls for our burgers later. I also discovered the greek yoghurt Fage for the first time here and noticed they also have Lurpak. I resisted the butter but snapped up the Fage and got a new type of muesli to try.

One particular thing on my agenda today was to find a barber and get my hair tidied up. Malgrat seemed like the best option – there were a couple of traditional barbers there on the pedestrian street, Carrer de Mar and I got my usual no.4 and found this barber actually more attentive to the smaller details than what I have experienced in Edinburgh and Stirling. Great value too at just €9. The only downside was when climbing down from the barber’s chair, the loop of my laces caught in the chair and I feel face first towards the glass door. Thankfully the impact and injury was solely to my pride – at least nobody in the barber’s laughed at my misfortune. Meanwhile Alison went for a wander up to the Parc de Castell tower (view pictured above).

In the evening I hosted the Captains Bar zoom music session. This is something I started just over 3 years ago as the pandemic lockdown came into force, though my involvement has receded this year to the point where tonight’s session will be my last hosting. It was a very enjoyable 4-person session.

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