Feel The Evening Sun

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Recorded at Shay’s Studio, April 2005

Hey! Don’t you feel that lovely evening sun?
It’s gonna burn all your troubles away.
So what if we didn’t do all that we wanted to get done,
Tomorrow, that’s another day.

Sometimes I think this road we’re on is crazy.
Never knowing what we’ll meet around the bend.
Is this the hard road, is there an easy road, are we just standing on our heads?
And will things turn any better in the end?

Let’s go take a shower in that lovely evening rain.
It can wash all our troubles away.
The things we didn’t get finished, we can start them all again.
For tomorrow, that’s another day.

Oh, take me down, knock me over, spin me round.
Take me on a journey of despair.
Share with me your troubles, your sorrows and your fears.
Then, let me take you home from there.

Hey! Don’t you feel that lovely evening wind?
It’ll blow all your troubles away.
If you find yourself lonely, lost without a friend,
Well tomorrow, you can start another day.

I can see that through your eyes, things don’t look so great.
There’s a dark cloud at our each and every turn.
If I was standing in your shoes, I know I’d feel the urge to run.
To run, run, run, run and dream of no return.

Let’s go lie down on the cool soft evening ground.
We can cast all our troubles away.
We can learn from our mistakes and inspiration might be found
For tomorrow, there comes another day.

Hey! Don’t you feel that lovely evening sun?
Hey! Don’t you feel that lovely evening sun?
Hey! Don’t you feel that lovely evening sun?
It’s going to burn all our troubles away.

Copyright © 2003 Gerry Mulvenna

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