Don’t fall again

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Recorded at Shay’s Studio, April 2005

I have someone to thank
But I don’t know who.
The elbow of fate twisted nearly too late
Let me be with you.

Don’t fall again
You gave me a fright
The fright of my life.
You’re in pain
And my only ache
Is to kiss you all over.

When I look back today, I think of the plays
And I cringe at the Fringe I pretended to seek.
But where would I be, oh where would I be
Without you, without that week?


When I’m feeling confused, you’ll be amused
You dance away all my fears.
For you are The Cure, the calming cure,
Wisdom and innocence.


When I look at your face, I see pudding and pie
You kissed the world that made you sigh
You’ve so much to teach me, honesty, modesty
Please teach me to cry.


Copyright © 1987 Gerry Mulvenna

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