Weapon of Mass Seduction

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Recorded at Shay’s Studio, April 2005

You are a weapon of mass seduction.
Please let me inspect you tonight.
You are a weapon of mass seduction.
I want to inspect you tonight.

In shock and awe, I’ve been reeling for days.
Your beautiful eyes were like laser guiding rays.
In shock and awe, now I’m feeling the pain.
All this searching for contact, leaves me sad ‘n’ insane.

I’ve been scorched by your friendly fire.
You blew me away, you damaged my collateral.
You and me by a friendly fire.
Let’s draft a resolution of our every desire.


I dream of being embedded with you,
Engaging your forces, somewhat unconventionally.
And I’m prepared for whatever the endgame,
I’ll surrender to the chemical, embrace the biological.


You’re the power to occupy me,
To liberate the human, shield me in your secret retreat.
Pacified, with my arms laid down.
You’ve won my heart and mind, now soften my defences up.


Copyright © 2003 Gerry Mulvenna

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